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"Don't waste your hate
Rather gather and create
Be of service, be a sensible person
Use your words and don't be nervous
You can do this, you've got purpose
Find your medicine and use it"

Nahko Bear

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Hypnosis is a truly amazing tool that can help with anything you need in life. In Hypnotherapy sessions you enter into natural states of consciousness that we actually enter everyday. Ever wonder how you got home even though you were behind the wheel? That is an example of being in a hypnotic state! In hypnotherapy, you are entering your unconscious (subconscious) mind which is an altered state of consciousness that lies between awake and sleep. Entering this state will help to improve your life!


Hypnotherapy is most commonly used for: Stress, anxiety, overcoming addictions, overcoming fears and phobias, pain management, insomnia, most depressions, weight loss, quitting smoking cigarettes, goal achievement, surgery preparation, birthing, personal problems, spiritual connection, and regression therapy. Hypnotherapy is a safe therapeutic tool that can allow you to break past barriers and find true happiness.

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Santa Catalina, Panama

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