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Mon, Aug 03


Online Event

Coterie Online Retreat


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Coterie Online Retreat
Coterie Online Retreat

Time & Location

Aug 03, 2020, 7:00 AM – Aug 23, 2020, 7:00 AM

Online Event

About the event

                                                                 When there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, 

                                                                 no one to be, you can finally set yourself free.

To All Our Summer Lovers, 

How many times have you looked forward to summer, made great plans and been counting the days to get on that plane and exhale? Then you get there. The plane lands, you find your ride, make it to your destination, unpack, settle in, adjust, only to well, meet yourself, your mind, your heart, the same person you thought you had left behind at home?

We may not have the chance to runaway this summer, but have we ever really?

As we approach summer without a single retreat to offer, we are asking ourselves, how can we find what we had planned to go around the world for, right where we are? Maybe the real treat is right here.

With nowhere to go, we meet ourselves.

This is where we have been going all along. 

Retreats have never been an escape. They are always a walking towards. Retreats are about being with yourself no matter what the circumstances and realizing that even with paradise on the outside, real joy comes from within. 

How many times have you been in paradise fighting? Pissed off? Worried? Unfulfilled? Without that added escape - and guilt for not fully enjoying it - we can untie the knots inside. 

Finally we don’t have to have the best summer ever. Finally we can let summer happen to us, rather than keep trying to do summer ourselves. That is what vacation and summer is for - the undoing, not the doing. 

The world is going through a massive transition and dismantling. Sometimes, when there is healing and loss and upheavel, the best thing to do is to stay put. Is this that time? Absolutely. The transition usually lasts longer than we want it to. It’s almost never in the form we expected and it’s never comfortable. But it allows us to grow. It truly does.

So let summer DO you. Let it UNDO you, and then let it HEAL you. Stop messing with it. Stop planning it.

Maybe this isn’t going to be the best summer ever, but it’s still going to be summer. Do we love summer because of what we project onto it or because of what it just is?

Go there - which is nowhere. We are right there with you. Unraveling. Reforming. Learning to love. Where we are. Right now.

Wherever you are, there are so many ways to take retreat - in a book, in a lawn, in a song, on your yoga mat, in a tree, with your cats, with your boombox, or at the dinner table, even if you are alone. We may find that all the spectacular things of life never leave us, no matter what the outer circumstances.

The reality is, we don’t know what summer will be like and we never knew. It’s not the plans that make the summer great, it’s not the escape, it’s how we are showing up for whatever is right in front of us. 

Early Bird Registration $192

After June 30 $226

Pay on: 

Paypal @

Venmo @ gayle-worth 

Please Contact me with any questions.

                                    Summer loves you ;) It has every year. Why would it be any different this year?

                                                                      We love you. We love summer.

                                                         In gratitude for all that has been, is and will be...


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